"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infant Program (6 weeks-12 months)


Our Infant program is designed to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment that will stimulate learning. Teachers actively chart the development of each child and provide parents with daily communication regarding their child’s personal care routine. 

Toddler Program (12 months-24 months)


Our Toddler program is designed to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment that will stimulate learning. The children's learning environment begins to get more defined with multiple learning centers and children are encouraged to explore and learn through their senses as well as planned learning experiences. 

Two's Program (24 months-36 months)


In the two’s class, teachers actively work towards potty-training each child. In an effort to prepare the children for the preschool program, children are introduced to the concept of center play. Furthermore, the curriculum provides a strong vocabulary enriched base so that literary skills may be introduced to children. 

Preschool/Pre-K (3-5 year olds)



​Our Preschool and Pre-K curriculum introduces several learning concepts such as literacy, math, and critical thinking skills. Vocabulary development is very important at this stage too, as children will begin to learn the art of writing. The classrooms are organized into centers such as reading, science, math, and writing. Furthermore, children are exposed to a print-rich environment, which allows students to associate written language to oral language. Parents are fully aware of their child’s academic progress through quarterly assessment tools and parent- teacher conferences. 

School-Age Program (Kindergarten-12 years)



The before and after school day childcare program provides care for full-day Kindergarten through 4th grade students, as well as transportation to local elementary schools. The teachers provide a variety of enrichment activities including games, physical fitness, stories and arts & crafts.   Our summer camps allow children from first through fourth grades to explore a variety of interests. Throughout the summer, the children have opportunities to take field trips that stimulate learning and enhance their camp experience. 

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